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"Mother Earth cannot afford the way commerce functions today"

The Environmental Compensation Initiative (ECI)
2022-07-01  ·  5 min read  ·  Climate

The incompatibility of climate change and capitalism is one of the main reasons for failing with our mission to stop climate change on time. The Environmental Compensation Initiative by Mandatum is one step more to addressing that incompatibility...

Biodiversity and The Protection of Nature: The Cinderella Story of the Climate Change Fight
2020-11-11  ·  4 min read  ·  Climate

Biodiversity - more than 10 million plant and animal species on the planet - is essential for the climate change fight. Biodiversity is linked to the food supply, human health, clean air, clean water, and healthy soil among other things...

DTC’s Ultimate Advantage
2021-10-04  ·  3 min read  ·  Business

The new system our Planet needs must embrace that the superabundance approach that rules commerce is not sustainable. Commerce and e-commerce have +$2 trillion/year trapped in unsustainable and non-essential practices...

The Pandemic has Revealed the Path to our Climate Change Fight
2020-10-01  ·  7 min read  ·  Climate

It is shocking to see the confluence of the two main nature-caused emergencies humanity is facing. Two conflicting emergencies: “You have to stay home or you might die. Also, you have to leave home or you might die... ”

Biodiversity Compensation in E-commerce
2021-09-16  ·  3 min read  ·  Climate

The world is getting closer to understanding the need to do everything Carbon-Neutral. Although, we are well behind on embracing the concept of doing things Nature-Neutral. It is a simple equation...

A COVID19 lesson: Our behaviors can change, and for the sake of our planet, they have to
2020-09-06  ·  3 min read  ·  Climate

The year 2020 began with all eyes on sustainability with the Greta Thunberg Phenomenon, the awareness created by the wildfires in Australia, the World Economic Forum in Davos themed as “Stakeholders for a cohesive and sustainable world...