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Buy amazon products at the price you think they should be.

How it works

Download Mandatum on Google Chrome

Visit an amazon product you'd like to purchase

Set your desired price on Mandatum

Mandatum will alert you when your price goal has been reached!

Empowering online shoppers

Mandatum empowers amazon users by giving them the ability to state their desired price. Our technology will provide the data of the best savings and will notify you when the price of your product has dropped.

Benefits of using Mandatum

Choose your price

Using Mandatum, you will be able to pay for a product at the price you desire.

Save time
looking for deals

Rather than spending hours looking for deals, we save you that time by notifying you of price drops.

Trustworthy Data

Using data science and analytics, we track the product and provide metrics for you to get the most savings!

Get empowered with Mandatum

Our data provides optimal purchasing prices

iPad Pro

Original price: $650

Demanded price: $450

Air Conditioning Unit

Original price: $1100

Demanded price: $850