Consumers and merchants pay back the Planet for the natural resources used on the goods they purchase/sell with a costless and no-brainer contribution benefiting the economics of consumers and brands.

Sustainable Shopping:

It is not only what you shop for, but also how you shop for it.

Make products more affordable to you, do not waste time looking for deals, and protect our planet at no cost to you.


Save Our Planet’s Forests and Oceans

Every online transaction pays for climate actions to save forests like the Amazon, oceans, and all its ecosystems, "the lungs of the earth", at no cost to brands and shoppers.


Get "The Product" you want and do not settle for less

Sustainable transactions make markets more efficient and products more affordable while optimizing the use of natural resources. It is about how you shop any product.

Save Time

Do not waste time looking for deals. Just opt in for shopping in a more sustainable way and build your discount in seconds to save money and make a donation to protect nature.

Your business & the planet can afford inefficiencies any longer

Mandatum makes your operation more efficient optimizing the use of natural resources and contributing to the company Sustainable Development Goals’ initiatives.

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