We make it easy and profitable for DTC Brands and consumers to pay for the Conservation of Nature.

Free, seamless, and in three seconds.

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Mandatum helps your brand to

Be a Nature-Positive company

Contribute to a Nature-Positive future using money you save on Supply Chain costs. Protect nature through certified projects and partners.

Enhance your ESG & profits

Reward shoppers, fight the climate and biodiversity crisis, and optimize promotions paid for by the savings in supply chain costs.

Improve your Cart-Conversion

Eco-conscious shoppers and discount hunters donate at no cost and get discounts on every purchase paid for by the supply chain savings.

No matter your industry,
Mandatum has a tailored solution for you

Donate up to 25% to the Amazon Rainforest.

Provide a costless nature-positive experience to your customers.


of shoppers want to take nature-positive actions.


of shoppers would wait a bit longer for the delivery of their purchase in exchange for helping the environment and getting a discount.


of shoppers use discounts.


of shoppers cannot afford to take climate and nature-positive actions.

How it works in just a few steps

1 Easy to install

On any online store with Native Apps, customized solutions for private stores, and a free consultation with our experts to calculate the savings in supply chain costs.

2 Fully integrated with your checkout process

Shoppers choose to pay back the Planet for the natural resources used on the goods they purchase with a cashless and costless contribution while getting recognition for enabling a no-brainer. Our API works all the magic to apply the pre-approved discount and manage the nature conservation donation securely.

3 Enhance your ESG performance

Pay back the Planet for the natural resources used on the goods your company sells without cutting budgets, increasing prices, or sacrificing other company initiatives. Mandatum manages the donation process end-to-end, maximizes your impact, collects the documentation, and reports the impact created.

Our Conservation Partners


Mother Earth cannot afford the way commerce functions today.
Be an agent of change and join us today.

Free and easy to set up.


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