Obtain better results using your shopping planner by following these four simple steps

Blog: The Mandated Blogger
By: Damian Estrada
12/03/2019 - 1 min read

1- Find THE product you want: Do not settle for less.

2- Decide the price you want to pay: Use our Historic and Predictive tools to determine a potential price drop and Name your Own Smart price.

3- Decide the date when you want to purchase your product: Think about the date you need your product and the date you will have the cash to pay for it.

4- Plan for your product with our shopping planner: Make a Mandate.

We make your plan a reality.

Pioneering Sustainable D2C™.

Start now to change your shopping habits. Make a Mandate. Save money and help the planet.
Remember, you still have the fast/free shipping alternative in case you run out of toilet paper