Do you enjoy saving money while helping the environment? Here are some tips so you can do so effectively.

Blog: The Mandated Blogger
By: Damian Estrada
01/22/2020 - 3 min read

Overconsumption is turning into one of the main concerns on young adults. Not only because it does impact their personal finances; but also, because it impacts the environment. On Black Friday 2019, there were multiple protests around the world expressing the concern on overconsumption. Ironically, the protests were focused on sellers (,when the ones that create the issue are us, consumers: The Vendor proposes, but Consumer disposes. It is time to change our shopping habits.

If shoppers consume responsible, there is not overconsumption. Sellers will continue creating shopping processes that drive more sales and lead to non-responsible consumerism. i.e. Fast/free shipping; Black Friday, Cyber Monday. Still, it is 100% on the hands of consumers to make those sellers successful or generate changes on the way they drive sales. In a world where consumers live bombarded with consumption adds everywhere, here is a simple idea to help you start to consume responsible: Plan your shopping well in advance.

By having a shopping plan, consumers anticipate their consumption, keep finances under control, get ready for the unexpected, and more importantly get the opportunity to manage their limited money in a smart way and time, in an orderly and systematic manner. A shopping plan helps consumers to understand clearly their needs and avoid having overconsumption.

Mandatum created a shopping planner that helps consumers to plan smartly any online product and addresses all the benefits already discussed. Even better, mandatum helps to get up to 35% discounts as long as the plan is made 30+ days in advance. The time allows mandatum to work with the market and generate efficiencies. Those efficiencies not only fund those savings; but also reduce the use of natural resources making markets more sustainable.

In conclusion, it is a must to remember that vendor proposes, but consumer disposes. Consumers must lead the way to adopt shopping habits that helps with the environment. A simple way to start is by planning our shopping. When consumers plan their shopping, they get the opportunity to avoid overspending and overconsuming. Use tools like the shopping planner at where consumers can plan their shopping in an organize matter, save up to 35% on any online product, and make markets more sustainable in four simple steps.

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Remember, you still have the fast/free shipping alternative in case you run out of toilet paper