Introducing savings through Smart Delivery

Blog: The Mandated Blogger
By: Damian Estrada
09/03/2019 - 1 min read

Shopping today is divided by the “I need it now” shoppers and the “I need to start browsing” shoppers. The latter allows for planning and is usually on high-priced products. We are about helping consumers achieve better prices with those products. Set an educated target price for these products and see discounts of up to 35% with a 35-day or more delivery date.

A 35-day or more delivery is described as, “Smart Delivery”. Smart delivery makes products more affordable by reducing inventory costs, optimizing efficiency of manufacturing and natural resources while reducing transportation costs and allowing more efficient shipping alternatives to be implemented.

Pioneering Sustainable D2C™.

Start now to change your shopping habits. Make a Mandate. Save money and help the planet.
Remember, you still have the fast/free shipping alternative in case you run out of toilet paper