The Pandemic has Revealed the Path to our Climate Change Fight.

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By: Damian Estrada
10/01/2020 - 5 min read

Source: Jeremy Jones

Source: NASA Earth Observatory

It is shocking to see the confluence of the two main nature-caused emergencies humanity is facing. Two conflicting emergencies: “You have to stay home or you might die. Also, you have to leave home or you might die.” Global Warming with an orange sky and two hurricanes making an almost simultaneous landfall a few miles apart during the worst Pandemic of our life time. Although, we could not miss this opportunity to learn from the later on how to address the former. Because of its instant mortality nature, the pandemic was quickly embraced by humans as a real problem, and a much higher percentage of the world population has a decent idea of its solution “plan of record” when compared to climate change where ordinary folks do not have a clear understanding, and the lack of prioritization is hurting the odds to succeed on helping our planet. Yes, we have to acknowledge that the job at hand with Covid-19 was much easier. Still, it is worth to take a look at what happened with the Pandemic to replicate it into the climate change fight.

  • Step One: Massification. The pandemic was massified among ordinary folks. It was easy to massify since after 2 weeks confined, we all learned a lot about the virus, the origin, the potential consequences, its transmission, and how close it was from home among other things.

  • Step Two: Immediate Actions. Once the issue was embraced, most of folks got eager to learn about the immediate actions to take. There was a clear objective in place, we need to flatten the curve. Whatever that meant, we all knew that we have to embrace daily routine actions such as wash our hands for 20 seconds, stay home, avoid using public transportation, avoid flying, no movie theater, no inside dining, and wear a mask. As part of the daily action protocol, the front-line workers were learning and improving on a daily basis about the best therapies, treatments, and medicines to accelerate the recovery and reduce the death toll.

  • Step Three: The Future. Chronologically, it started from day one. All the science community looking for the vaccine with support from governments and the private sector. Given the short-term devastating effect on the economy, it was possible to see action plans that prioritized time at expense of losing billions. Something great to see and never seen before.

Making a parallel with the climate change fight, we have not been successful neither in the Massification process, nor in the Immediate Action Phase.

How to make the climate change fight a daily routine for folks? We need more solutions that address the main barriers. According to SustainAbility and its 2020 Trends, the chart below presents what people around the world see as the main barriers to go green.

Source: IPBES

The first 3 main reasons are money, money, and money. It is aligned to the UN’s concern about brands not being aggressive enough toward the 2030 SDGs. The fact is that money is holding back governments, business, and individuals to help our planet. We need a Climate Action for All solution like the one we built with mandatum. Brands and shoppers can help Mother Earth for free, at no cost to them. It does not matter their margins and/or economic condition. If they want to help, they can do it with mandatum. We created a permanent source of funding to conservation projects every time a Sustainable Mainstream individual shops from a socially conscious brand. In a similar way, our data science team is making the climate change science consumable for ordinary folks helping with the “I’m not sure how”. Folks are enabled to engage on daily climate action with a tailormade management tool, My Planet Account™, that pays for their climate actions and helps them understand the task at hand with plain concepts. Free and easy to follow up.

As per the immediate actions, nothing serves that purpose better than supporting conservation projects around rainforests and oceans. It is also a matter of money. More money, more actions. Mandatum is a “Donation Funding e-Factory” where shoppers and brands work together to support projects that preserve and protect nature at no cost to them. We cannot afford more irreversible damage. We have to stop it.

Finally, the future is looking good but we need to pay more attention to conserve nature. According to The Drawdown Project, “we have enough solutions to do the job” to stop climate change. The entrepreneurial energy now into fighting climate change is off the charts and investors are following. I see a lot of capital flowing into solutions that will yield great results. Solutions to enable the way we live and consume today, ironically the root cause of Global Warming, from a sustainability perspective. The only missing thing is that we are not doing enough to protect nature. We need to increase investments that directly benefit nature as they have well lagged behind investments in low-carbon infrastructure.

There are great companies working on solutions that make our way of living sustainable in the future. A way of living that should have been different if we had been successful at massifying the climate change fight by 2006, the year “An Inconvenient Truth” was released. If we do not buy time today by turning climate change believers into action and by embracing ambitious conservation efforts that stop the irreversible damage in our planet, all the work we are doing for the year 2050 will be to protect a planet with 25% of the biodiversity we have today.

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