Climate change demands a revolution on shopping habits: The Eco-Friendly Way of Shopping

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By: Damian Estrada
08/20/2019 - 4 min read

Our commerce/ecommerce system is designed to please a consumer’s instant gratification demand. Instant gratification impacts climate change and our planet is running out of time. Consumers need to change their shopping habits, and companies need to adapt their operating models to those shopping habits. We need an integral solution embraced by both sides of the equation, consumers and manufacturers. mandatum is a team of entrepreneurs working to create this supply chain system by applying current trends counterintuitively and enabling Responsible Consumerism. They created a "Consumer-Led Supply Chain" (CLSC) system that tackles climate change while online shoppers save both time and money and brand manufacturers improve profitability. A system that enables consumers and manufacturers to stop climate change by changing shopping habits. But, are consumers and brand manufacturers willing to change shopping habits and embrace “the eco-friendly way of shopping” to stop climate change?

Consumers: Yes they are!!!. According to Nielsen’s Dec 2018 “Was 2018 the year of the influential sustainable consumer?” Survey in America, “I definitely or probably will change my purchase/consumption habits to reduce my impact on the environment: 75% of Millennials; 46% Gen X; AND 35% Baby Boomers.” Not only that, they are also driving the market with messages to companies like “It’s extremely or very important for me that companies implement programs to improve the environment: 83% of Millennials; 66% Gen X; and 62% Baby Boomers.” Then, there is that paradigm that many people have about “how expensive it is to go green”. It may be a matter of perception but it is there. The CLSC system addresses that as mandatum literally helps consumers save big money for acting green. mandatum rewards consumers that plan their shopping with the value chain efficiencies created by its “Consumer-Led Supply Chain” system. mandatum is not only enabling consumers, but also incenting them to change shopping habits to save the planet.

Brand manufacturers have a tougher task at hand to embrace “the eco-friendly way of shopping” as they cannot disrupt their day to day to deliver on short term results. The will is right there and we can tell thanks to the way corporations have embraced Corporate Social Responsibility and the role of protecting our planet within it. It was refreshing to see how despite the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, many of the goals will be delivered thanks to the commitment shown by corporations in the US. On the other hand, there is the corporate duty to deliver its commitments to “the street”. It is a short term, daily monitored, and highly “reprehended” duty with the stock market. Such duty delays and sometimes dodges the application of much needed green actions as companies must deliver their top and bottom line to avoid seeing a stock price reduction. Thus, alternatives that do not disrupt companies’ regular operations are better welcome. The CLSC system allows brand manufacturers to work the implementation in a way that fits their needs. Either gradually or immediately, the CLSC system does not disrupt their operations. As per its name, it allows them to trigger production only when the final consumer leads. CLSC system optimizes the use of natural resources by enabling manufacturers to find eco-friendly economies of scale. Last but not least, value chain efficiencies created by the “Consumer-Led Supply Chain” system are enough not only to reward consumers, but also to improve company top and bottom lines. Alike consumers, mandatum is not only enabling brand manufacturers, but also incenting them manufacturers to embrace the change of shopping habits needed to save the planet.

In conclusion, climate change demands immediate action on our shopping habits, something that is not possible without the whole commerce/ecommerce ecosystem embracing the need. Instant gratification is great but costly for our planet and our pockets. Climate change is one of the top concerns among American consumers and Responsible Consumerism is a necessity that needs to start right now at every level, different social classes, and walks of life. mandatum is ready to enable consumers to lead the move into “The eco-friendly way of shopping.” Consumers plan their shopping well in advance, they inform manufacturers, manufacturers use the most sustainable supply chain approach generating efficiencies, consumers improve their personal finance, manufacturers improve both top and bottom line, and we all help fight climate change. The initial focus should be on durable goods, the products that demand the most natural resources. Start planning your shopping for Consumer Electronics and/or Home Furnishing and Equipment well in advance with mandatum, “The Eco-Friendly way of Shopping.”

Do we really need….One day free Prime shipping?

Please take a look at this wonderful posting by Erica Pandey on Read more, where she discusses about the instant gratification impacts on climate change such as transportation, warehousing, and packaging. I will just add that if we embrace the 1-day free shipping practice for our way of living, the system would need up to 1 additional day of inventory. One day of Goods inventory in the USA accounts to $12 Billion. Do you know how many natural resources we have to use for that? It gets even worst when you extrapolate that to the whole world as we are the trend makers. We better use mandatum and plan our shopping. Let’s leave the 1-day free shipping only for real emergencies such as when you run out of toilet paper for example.

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Remember, you still have the fast/free shipping alternative in case you run out of toilet paper